manfrotto 681B review

Manfrotto 681B Monopod review

manfrotto 681b monopod made in italy. quality product.

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Manfrotto 681B monopod. A review from an active action sports, nature, outdoors
photographers point of view.
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I recommend the MANFROTTO 681Bmonopod after my recent purchase.
pros:Great value, strong, sturdy, with some nice features and design, proven to work.
cons: heavy, bulky.
This is a great Monopod made by the trusted company Manfrotto. The 681B model is priced
low enough so it is affordable I paid $55 for a used on from BHPHOTOVIDEO.COM
retail is around $90 new. The 681B features, the 3/8″-1/4″ mount screw that
is sprig loaded and allows me to quickly screw on my quick release plate, lens or
camera body with ease and without flipping removing or replacing any parts. Genius
design! If using a 1/4″ mount the 3/8″ retracts into the base allowing the 1/4″ screw
to smoothly tighten to my lens, body, or plate.

The 681B is plenty strong for all my gear and use as a walking stick.
I stacked this monopod to the sky with gear, using the bogen 393 gimbal head, DIY
accessory mount, Canon 1Dmkii body with a 500mm f4.5L lens a 430 ex flash with my DIY
better beamer and a jvc quadproof video camera. Not that I walk around with all this
gear daily, I have used this setup in the fast wile shooting video clips and retaining
my main objective to get stills.
If I may complain about the monopod I will say that the three section monopod
is a bit bulky and as pictured is longer than my lowepro 600AW II long lens bag,
this bag is large and fits my 500mm with a 2x attached with the body and ex15
eyepiece…. Also I really wish the clamps were made of a metal and not a composite
plastic, even though they seem very strong and are working fine, I don’t like plastic.

If I was being paid more money for my photo/video work I would justify paying top
dollar for the carbon fiber upgraded versions, and a 5 section compact model would be
ideal but for now I know this one is working, it is strong and seems dependable.

This review is bassed upon my recent experiences with the use of the manfrotto 681b monopod.

manfrotto 681b monopod lowepro 600 aw lens backpack

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manfrotto 681b monopod jvc quadproof video camera camcorder

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manfrotto 681b monopod canon 1d2 canon 500mm 4.5 lens coat bogen 393 430ez flash jvc quadproof beamer

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manfrotto 681b monopod flip to adjust plastic composite clamps.

View: original size

View: original size

manfrotto 681b monopod spring loaded 1/4″ – 3/8″ mounting system

View: original size

manfrotto 681b monopod great value quality product!

View: original size

I hope this helps others find the right monopod for there needs. I appreciate everyone’s help and advice when choosing to buy mine.

thanks and happy shooting!

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