Long lens cap DIY PROJECT

Long lens caps are very costly but also are a huge necessity to protect your glass. If you happen to purchase a lens without a cap or lost the original on, here is a way you can build your own very functional cap for very low cost. I built mine with scrap materials after having the original leather one started to decay.

Bonus! This cap is more universal, lighter and smaller than the original caps.


Estimated time to build (approx. 30 minutes)

Scrap Materials list

-Old rain coat with holes in it

-Plastic dividers from organization system

-Foam core from other projects

-Sticky back felt

-Black tape

-Super glue





-Razor blade

-Tin snips

-Marker / pencil




Step 1: Trace the lens diameter onto the foam core board.   (2x)



step 2: With the razor blade cut out the foam core then touch them up with a pair of scissors as needed.


Step 3:  Trace and cut out the plastic using the tin snips.


Step 4: Sandwich the plastic between the foam core then tape it together.


Step 5: Trace and cut the felt


step 6: Adhere the felt


step 7: with even pressure shove the newly built cap insert into the sleeve of the rain coat until snug (any long sleeve/pant should work).


Step 8: cut off the excess amount of the sleeve, apply adhesive, neatly fold and apply pressure until glue has dried.


Step 9: After the glue has dried slide the cap onto the lens. Cut the cap to the length that suits your lens.


Step 10: Attach Velcro on the rain coat in two spots approx. 3″ apart towards the rear of the cap to keep the cap from slipping off.diy-cap-velcro

Your done, your lens can now safely travel around the world once again!