Boardshorts, Barrels & Dirty Dogs!


6 flights, 20 bus rides, 10 cab fares, and 6000 miles later I arrived home from another successful tube/photo fest.


The gear list:  300 2/8 lens, 2x T.C, canon T3 body. I left my 1D II body behind and used a T3 Rebel body to save weight, and space. Yes I could’ve used the speed and accuracy of the 1d Mark ii body but the t3 worked out great and brought me into the action an extra .3x further.


Here is a couple of the shots from the trip


dog-party_ph-mike-kotowskiSome of the locals have it better than others.



POINTERS_PH-MIKE-KOTOWSKIUnknown charger, See, that’s how it’s done!



TOMMY-M-SEARCHING-FOR-ADDED-SHADE_PH-MIKE-KOTOWSKI-SMALLTommy Munro, opting for more shade than just the bill of the hat.



POLES-B-TURN-_PH-MIKE-KOTOWSKIThis is Poles, 12 years old, charging like a man.



JOHN-DEEP_PH-MIKE-KOTOWSKI Traveling the world to drive through warm barrels isn’t uncommon,  John, From N.Z.




This wave kept growing as Jake kept flowing.



ARRON-DROP-_PH-MIKE-KOTOWSKIAnother traveling connoisseur, Arron from OZ. throws himself into another pit.