Adding some flair

At times its hard for me to find creativity in my photography.

More so originality, with millions and millions of amazing photographers shooting and posting great images every day. Latley I’ve felt my photography has gone nowhere, half a**ing shoots and not focusing on a solid project… I was in need of some inspiration and motivation. After reading tons of articles and watching more than a few YOUTUBE videos related to photography, praying to God to motivate me, I finally got an idea that I thought was a bit “off the wall”, and idea that would pull me away from my typical style in hopes to create something new and exciting to me, It worked!

So what did I do to change things? Instead of using a long lens and tracking a fast moving subject. I gathered three tripods, three flashes, Canon camera bodies and a Canon ef 85mm f/1.8 usm lens, an old Canon angle finder B (to get low), a Canon TC-80N3 remote, Vello freewave LR wireless flash triggers, a lawn chair (crucial! To sit and think), and some other odds and ends to turn this new imaginative idea into a compilation of visual reality. I worked alone so it took me a couple hours to complete the shoot wich was nice and calming. Composing the shoot was a lot of work, totally worth it! Happy with the photos I made and really stoked on the new technique, the trial and error was also great fun! In future shoots I hope to create some “NEXT LEVEL IMAGES”, time will tell.

These are some of the shots from the shoot, enjoy.

purple-flower-rain-macro-ph-mike-kotowski purple-flower-rain-macro-crop-ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9526-copy purple flower-small-_ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9482-copy-small purple flower_ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9456-copy-small-purple flower_ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9441-copy-small-purple flower_ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9438-copy-purple flower-small_ph-mike-Kotowski 6D5A9437-copy-small-purple flower_ph-mike-kotowski 6D5A9436-copy-small-purple flower_ph-Mike-Kotowski 6D5A9414-copy-small purple flower-ph-mike-kotowski 6d5a9413-purple-flower-rain-macro-crop-ph-mike-kotowski 6d5a9398-purple-flower-rain-macro-crop-ph-mike-kotowski


So if you are feeling stuck or UN-inspired, I suggest you shoot a different discipline of photography.
For instance;
If your a wedding photographer who typically shoots portrait or wide-angle lenses, grab (rent, borrow, buy) a long lens and head to a sporting event, test your timing, speed your ability to track subjects, try to hon in on some other skills that may complement your regular shooting forte.

Your a Studio photographer? Leave those strobes, backdrops and fancy cloths behind, put on some hiking boots, call a friend and get out in nature (be safe and prepared). It is a big world with a lot of natural beauty to see and shoot, Oh and don’t forget your camera!

Landscape photographers I know this ones tough, but how about heading into a busy city? Shooting some street photography during the golden hour? Prepare to see a different world within the same world, you will find city settings have there own beauty, most likely you won’t see any vast fields, flowing waterfalls or stunning sunsets, what you might see is something a lot more moving in the sea of people you pass on the streets.
I suggest doing this as I recently got away from my routine photography for just a day. It has re-ignited the photography flame that burns within me, inspired me enough to post photos and write about it! I have created a new project for myself, also I take away ideas for future projects. I gained a new technique, I will try continue to create and hope that you do the same.

Stay inspired, share the stoke!

-Mike Kotowski