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DIY off camera flash diffuser,

If your shooting photos with a flash its nice to have a diffuser, with a couple household items you can make a quick, simple, functional flash diffuser for almost free!img_3511flash-diffuser_ph-mike-kotowski

Here is what I did.

Take a clear plastic container with a clear top and trace the front shape of your flash on the bottom of the container.  If your container is not clear trace the flashes outline on the inside.img_3515flash-diffuser_ph-mike-kotowski

Place the container right side up so that the bottom is on a flat hard surface (like a cutting board). Now using a razor knife I find it easiest to make several passes to cut the line earlier traced on the container.img_3519flash-diffuser_ph-mike-kotowski

Using  a paper towel, napkin, tissue or other similar item to be place on the front of the container, close the lid so the paper towel is tightly locked into place.img_3520flash-diffuser_ph-mike-kotowski

Put the new flash diffuser on your flash and take some pictures!img_3529flash-diffuser_ph-mike-kotowski