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7 Skaters, 1300 Miles, 1 Goal…Skate from Seatle, Washington – Tijauna, Mexico

7 Skaters, 1300 Miles, 1 goal, To skate from Seattle, Washington to Tijuana Mexico. Shredding along the way! Traveling with 40lbs + packs on there backs and pushing 4 wheels, these guys are gnarly! I meet the crew at Rampart skatepart in Arcata, Ca. I was lucky enough to get a session in with these guys, hear some epic stories (like the 7 mile hill bomb) and fire off a couple shots between runs. They estimate its going to take them another month and a half of to make it down the the Mexican border.


Remember these guys the next time you get in the car to drive down the street instead of skating to the liquor store.